Myofascial Release Video Course Long-Lasting Pain Relief Program Launched

A new pain relief video course has been launched by Ronald Schulz from FastLearning.TODAY. It focuses on myofascial pain relief and techniques for combating long-lasting pain.

A new pain relief video course has been launched by Ronald Schulz, an expert in the field who wants to help those who are experiencing permanent pain. Anyone that suffers from unresolved frozen shoulder, or unresolved pain years or decades later is encouraged to check it out.

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The new paid educational course on pain relief options is available through Udemy, a popular learning platform that has courses in a wide range of fields.

Ronald Schulz has had his work published in various medical journals, geophysicist journals, and professional journals. He has also been interviewed by various news channels on the radio and TV for his expert guidance.

Now he is bringing a huge range of pain relief insights and knowledge to a wider audience through his new course. It will show people new methods of overcoming deep or long-term pain, and why and how these methods work.

One of the reasons for the course being released now is that there have been some big breakthroughs in the field. Many people don’t know about the most effective pain relief options out there, and this new series is shining a light on them in detail.

Deep Pain Relief Series – Intro to Myofascial Release explores new options for deep pain relief. It is a syndrome characterized by chronic pain, which is so widespread that the Mayo Clinic calls it the “straight jacket of pain”.

This pain does not resolve on its own, and stays around even after the usual first aid steps are followed. Myofascial pain syndromes are usually characterized by local pain in an area of repetitive use or trauma.

Complications associated with this can include sleep problems and fibromyalgia. It’s important to be able to get pain relief from this condition, and the new course aims to provide just that.

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