Myofascial Pain Relief Treatment Instant-Access Video Course Launched

A new video course has been launched for the treatment of myofascial pain syndrome. It covers key advances, and how treatments work with life changing pain removal available immediately anywhere.

A new pain relief video course has been launched on Udemy, called Deep Pain Relief Series – Introduction to Myofascial Release. It explores options for deep and loving term pain relief, and participants will learn new methods for overcoming deep and long term pain, and how these methods work.

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The course was created by Ronald Schulz, who has been published in medical, engineering and geophysicist journals and interviewed on TV news and radio news internationally.

It features six different parts, which viewers can go through at their own pace, and each covers a key aspect of myofascial release. The full course includes 39 minutes of on-demand video, and the one-time fee provides lifetime access.

It is also available both on mobile devices and TV, making it easy for buyers to view the content wherever and whenever they want to.

The basis of the course is that real breakthroughs in long-term pain cessation have occurred. Through partaking in the course, people can engage with new deep pain relief strategies and learn more about them in detail.

The course description highlights that myofascial pain syndrome is characterized by chronic pain. This has been called the “straight jacket of pain” by the Mayo Clinic, and generally speaking the pain is steady, aching and deep.

One of the key things to consider is that the pain does not resolve on its own, even after typical first aid treatments like ice, heat and rest.

As a chronic pain disorder, myofascial pain syndrome causes pain in the muscle, and sometimes this spreads to other parts of the body. Symptoms include deep, aching pain, persistent pain, knots in the muscle, and difficulty sleeping due to the pain.

Now, through the new video course, interested parties can find out more about key advances in pain treatment for the condition.

The course is ideal for anyone who suffers from pain, deep pain, long-term pain, and untreatable pain.

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