My Ride Gripper Suggests Three Ways to Make Bike Rides More Fun (tm) announces 3 ways that bike commuters can add fun to their commute. With this device, they can listen to music, use GPS technology and even track their fitness stats on the go. The handlebar mount holds just about any phone safely and conveniently.

Arroyo Grande, CA, December 11, 2014  Bike commuters often face long, lonely rides. My Ride Gripper ™, makers of a new unique universal phone mount for bicycles, allows bike riders to connect with their music, communications and other GPS apps while they ride. The phone mount is designed to securely and safely hold nearly any cell phone or smart phone in any position where it can be easily seen and accessed while riding. 

The company points out that the My Ride Gripper ™ is not just an affectation. In fact, it can provide real service and fun while keeping vital devices safe from damage. To prove their point, the My Ride Gripper ™ suggests three ways among many ways that the My Ride Gripper ™  helps make bike rides more productive and more fun. 

Add a Sound Track to Your Ride. Drivers get to listen to their favorite music on the way to work. My Ride Gripper can position the smart phone on the handlebars of any bicycle, creating a dashboard effect where cell phones and mobile devices are within easy reach to pull up playlists or hook into favorite streaming stations and apps. Bike riders could even pair their smart phone with wearable Bluetooth speakers or ear buds and enjoy their favorite music, listen to an audible book or keep up with news updates on the way to work. 

Find Your Way Without Stopping to Ask for Directions. GPS directions and maps are another benefit enjoyed by many drivers. Until now, accessing GPS technology and directions has been difficult for those who commute on two wheels. My Ride Gripper ™ is compatible with many of the most popular GPS devices, allowing bike riders to access the functionality that drivers have enjoyed for years. Of course, it also holds a smart phone with a GPS app securely, and makes it easy to switch back and forth between apps with just a swipe of the finger, and allows riders to access the many apps that plan bike routes for fun, commuting and fitness. 

Track Fitness Stats While Riding.The My Ride Gripper ™ holds a smart phone in the perfect position to easily monitor blood pressure, heart rate and other stats while riding. Riders can track mileage, calories burned and all other fitness stats through apps just as joggers and walkers do because the bike cell phone mount allows hands free use. 

My Ride Gripper ™ is made of high quality, durable materials and is designed to fit a wide range of phones and devices. It can hold devices in either portrait or landscape orientation, and is fitted with a convenient double locking quick-release latch to provide for easy mounting and unmounting of a phone when a bike is parked at it’s destination.

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