My Employment Options Predicts More Employment Options For Disabled Post-Covid19

In the wake of Covid19, My Employment Options ( now has an unprecedented selection of work from home jobs for those on SSI or SSDI who wish to return work.

In the wake of Covid-19, My Employment Options (, the national Social Security Administration Employment Network founded by Paula Viellet, reports having an increasing number of spectacular work-from-home opportunities for those who wish to transition back to the workforce from reliance on SSI or SSDI payments. Moreover, the company forecasts a continued strong employment market through 2021 for those who take advantage of the federal government’s Ticket Back to Work program (

“Before the pandemic,” Ms. Viellet said, “too few employers knew how efficient and valuable work from home employees could be. Now, thousands and thousands of employers across the country have learned that flexible hours and a flexible work-from-home mindset can actually increase productivity, as well as employee satisfaction. It’s a win-win. That’s why we’re going to see many employers with permanent remote positions. This opens up a vast array of job opportunities for the disabled.”

While many individuals receiving SSI or SSDI benefits might worry about sacrificing those benefits while trying to reenter the workforce, the Ticket Back to Work program takes the risk out of the transition. That’s because full benefits continue for 9 months after employment begins and then only slowly taper off over the course of many more months, assuring a safe and secure landing in the workplace for those who might not have believed it possible. Moreover, the My Employment Options staff are experts at supporting employees who are transitioning back to work.

“Our team has always been committed to finding work-from-home opportunities for clients all over America,” Ms. Viellet said. “But this may be the very best time in our many years of being in business for those who have battled disabilities–whether psychological or physical–to return to the workplace, without having to sacrifice the supports and comforts of their own environments. We’re very excited about the range of jobs we can help people transition to and the flexibility those jobs offer.”

During 2020 (and very likely continuing into 2021), the unemployment rate for disabled individuals was almost double that for those without disabilities. A lack of accommodations has been seen as a very substantial factor. Now, with accommodations more the norm in business environments, there is hope that the unemployment gap will begin to close.

“We invite people, whether coping with depression or PTSD or agoraphobia or physical challenges to get in touch with us and begin the fulfilling journey of getting back into the workforce,” Ms. Viellet said. “I can promise those who contact us that they will not be taking that journey alone. We’ll be taking the journey alongside them.”

My Employment Options can be contacted online ( or by calling 800-441-3114, extension 754.

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