Muskego Wisconsin Wire EDM Service Component Creation Expert Award Announced

CAM Technologies has won the 2019 Best of Muskego Award for its Wire EDM services. From its base in Muskego, Wisconsin, the company offers high quality EDM for a variety of businesses types.

CAM Technologies has been recognized with a 2019 Best of Muskego Award for its high-quality Wire EDM services. The Muskego, Wisconsin based specialist is known for its expert services. Their small but growing facility features 12 high speed wire EDMs, 2 EDM micro hole drilling stations, and 6,000 recently added square feet of shop space.

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Each year the Muskego Award Program identifies the companies that have achieved exceptional marketing success in its local community and business category. The chosen companies are those that enhance their local community and showcase high levels of small business service.

CAM Technologies award-winning services include a wide range of options, including medical devices and instrumentation, aerospace components, automotive and motorcycle components, punches and buttons, trim dies, mold components, gears and splines, and more.

Wire Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM) is a metal working process where material is removed from a conductive work piece by electrical erosion. This has become an important manufacturing process in a wide range of industries.

In many of the above-mentioned service industries, it can be difficult to machine or create specific components. This is especially true where the pieces in question are small or feature odd-shaped angles.

Unlike with welding, where an electrical current is used to add material, EDM uses electric current to remove material. This allows CAM Technologies to create a wide range of products with a high degree of accuracy.

The team is able to cut all types of conductive material, with technology capable of cutting both soft and hardened material.

The company states: “Wire EDM has rapidly become a key component in many industries – molding components, stamping dies, prototyping, aerospace and medical.”

It adds: “EDM is particularly well suited for parts which are made from materials that are difficult to machine and/or contain small or odd-shaped angles, intricate cavities or intricate contours.”

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