Musicians Royalties Streaming Platform Calculator Breakdown Service Launched

Music Gateway has released its royalty streaming calculator, a free resource that allows musicians to discover the potential earnings based on the number of streams on major streaming services.

Music Gateway has recently released its newest free tool for musicians which aims to help them calculate their potential royalties when publishing on streaming services such as Spotify and Apple Music.

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The royalty estimation new tool from Music Gateway is part of their range of resources which can benefit musicians and empower them to progress their careers. Furthermore, the company offers several services that can help upcoming musicians improve their online exposure.

In the age of digital music, it is now easier than ever for musicians and artists to publish their work online. However, due to this availability, it can be difficult for people to stand out from the crowd and ensure they are being heard. Additionally, when it comes to earning money through online streaming services, understanding how the platforms pay their royalties can be vital for musicians to know where to publish, and how much they can make from their music. Music Gateway is aiming to help musicians in these situations by providing all the tools and information to help them to be successful online.

The free royalty streaming calculator from Music Gateway gives musicians the benefit of understanding how much money is made from a stream of their music. This resource covers all the major platforms, which includes Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, Deezer, Amazon Music, Groove Music, YouTube, and Soundcloud. The tool can be adjusted to calculate based on how many streams are played, and how much each platform pays out in US Dollars, British Pounds, and Euros.

Musicians seeking more detailed information on music streaming royalties, and the ways each platform works, can also find a detailed analysis of each streaming service from a musician’s perspective alongside the tool. This breakdown from Music Gateway aims to provide a comprehensive comparison and report to ensure musicians understand the best platforms for their needs, and how to maximise their potential from them.

Other services available from Music Gateway include several packages that aim to assist musicians in areas such as optimising streaming platform profiles, press kits, and driving organic traffic to releases. Furthermore, the company offers campaign packages for complete music marketing and promotion to develop an artist or producers music career.

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