Music Entrepreneur Conference Hosted by World Artists United on November 4-5th

World Artists United, founders of the innovative Music Entrepreneur Conference, announced that their industry-leading two-day event will be held at Harvard University on November 4-5, 2017.

Members of the music industry looking for the latest information and ability to connect with music legends, music leaders and music innovators can register to attend the Music Entrepreneur Conference hosted by World Artists United at Harvard University on November 4-5, 2017.

In partnership with the Harvard Graduate Council and Extension School Student Association, the Music Entrepreneur Conference is a two-day experience of meaningful connections, inspiring talks, powerful resources exchange for anyone with a passion for music, creativity and entrepreneurship.

The Music Entrepreneur Conference is founded and hosted by World Artists United; a full-service multimedia and entertainment company based in Los Angeles, specializing in music, film and video production, artist and brand development, publishing, touring, public relations and innovative cross marketing ventures.

CEO and Co-Founder of World Artists United, Jalen Ascota said: “We created the conference because having been in the industry for most of my life, the model and access to resources continue to change and there aren’t enough events specifically focused on teaching people how to think like an entrepreneur and how to develop a long term career in this industry.”

“What’s most important is that people come to the Music Entrepreneur Conference with an open mind. This isn’t going to be a typical conference where you just hear about industry trends from a panel and learn about the latest gadgets, it’s going to be an experience to tap into you passion and begin to find a team who shares your vision,” Ascota stated.

The main topics of the conference are:

Music connections – helping musicians and artists build their networks into their net worth.

Live your music passion – changing musician and artist mindsets to overcome fear and learn from the insights of music entrepreneurs and artists who have pushed beyond the doubters.

Design your music destiny – learning the strategy to build a legacy music brand and rockstar team.

Music monetization strategies – discover how the digital era has created more opportunities than ever before for artists and music entrepreneurs to succeed.

Create undeniable content – learning how to create epic content from the best music producers, songwriters and filmmakers.

When asked about the reasons behind creating the Music Entrepreneur Conference, Co-Founder of World Artists United, Rachel Karry said: “We created the Music Entrepreneur Conference because we are young entrepreneurs ourselves, who have had to figure things out the hard way. We never really had a place to go or people to turn to for advice and support. In 2015, people thought we were crazy to get into the music business. We have had to learn how to find funding, build an organic fan base and create a business model that works for us. Music Entrepreneur Conference is about bringing some of the brightest entrepreneurial minds together from around the emerging industry to spread light for the next generation of leaders.

“Because of the global, digital world we now live in, things continue to evolve quickly. There are opportunities to open new genres as cultures merge, create an international fan base from your bedroom via social media and make money and enroll fans in your vision before a song or product is even made. This conference is about embracing such change and having the courage to design your own career” Karry quoted.

The star-studded list of music entrepreneurs and artists keynote speakers include:

DJ Irie – DJ Entrepreneur of the Year, Official Miami Heat, Super Bowl and more, CEO Irie Music Corp, Philanthropist and Founder of the Irie Foundation.

Evan Greene – Chief Marketing Officer of the Recording Academy (The Grammys).

Jeremy Darlow – Author of ‘Brands Win Championships’ and Adidas Director of Brand Marketing – Football and Basketball.

Sue Stevenson – Fortune 500 Executive Coach of some of the World’s top companies, Neuroleadership and Positive Psychology Expert.

Jalen James Acosta – Founder and CEO of World Artists United, Music Producer, Actor/Film Director and International Recording Artist.

Laura Huftless – Partner at FlyteVu Agency (Previously: Agent at CAA, Echo and WME).

Kwasi Asare – Music Marketing Expert, Founder, Fighter Interactive, Kwasi Entertainment and previously, Marketing Executive at Bad Boy.

Jayce Varden – Co-Founder of Pledge Music Course Facilitator, (School of Music) – Berklee Online and Startup Advisor.

Channing Moreland and Mackenzie Stokel – Co-Founders of EVAmore and recipients of the 2015 NEXT Entrepreneur of the Year Award.

Rachel Karry – Co-Founder of World Artists United, VP of Business Development – Master in Leadership from the University of San Diego.

Benji Rogers – Founder and CEO of BlockChain Technology and Founder of Pledge Music.

Steve Olenski – Director of CMO Content & Strategy, Oracle, Master Blogger, Brand Consultant and Forbes Contributor.

George Howard – Founder of many Music Technology companies, Executive, Entrepreneur, Consultant, Professor, Author and Angel Investor.

Ryan Star – Singer, Songwriter and Founder of Digital Radio Technology Startup, StationHead.

Kerry Gordy – CEO of KGE, Copyright Recapture Expert, (Previously Director of A&R at Motown Records & Warner Bros, and VP at Paisley Park Records.

Matt Buser, Esq – Owner of MWBPL, representing entertainment and sports clients in regards to corporate, transactional and IP matters.

Rodney Jerkins – AKA Darkchild, American Record Producer, Songwriter and Rapper.

All attendees and guests will also be given a free copy of Hacking Music by John Pisciotta.

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