Music Branding Guide For New And Emerging Artists Bands Singers Launched

Music Gateway has launched a music branding guide designed to help bands and artists turn listeners into fans long-term as the team explain music branding is more personal than business branding.

Music Gateway has launched a new music branding guide designed to help new and emerging artists build a brand that resonates with their target audience. The team behind the guide explain artists are facing increasing pressure to build a brand that turns listeners into fans, which they say requires a strategy and commitment.

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The newly launched music branding guide explains how artists can build a brand as an emerging talent that will help them retain an audience long-term. The team at Music Gateway state the fact the ‘business’ of music in the 21st century requires the same attention as any other business, including a brand strategy and identity that are saleable.

Social media is one element of any branding strategy that should be considered say the team. For instance, people who sporadically use their website or social media may receive positive feedback from their friends or friends of friends when they release music. However, this does not automatically equate to sell-out gigs, huge album sales, and world tours.

Music Gateway uses the guide to highlight what a brand is and how bands or artists can use it to their advantage. The next stage for consideration in the guide is the defining qualities of the band or artist. The team say music is personal, it reflects a person’s perspective, opinions, or beliefs, which enables audience members to connect with them on a deeper level.

Logo choice and colour selection are both important elements as they can help fans to identify their favourite bands. The team say the logo should reflect the genre of music and the stage characters the band or artist want to imbue. They add that the colour selection is key as colours represent and express different moods and attributes.

A representative said: “To begin with a brand strategy and marketing concepts for music, you need to realise that branding for normal business is way different than that of music. The reason behind this is, music is something that connects emotionally and is very personal to an individual.”

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