Muscle Relief Custom Intensity NMES Technology Massage Therapy Device Launched

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Online health and fitness equipment supplier Max Grit Fitness Shop has launched the new Hyperblade Soft Tissue Massager, available on its online store.

Max Grit Fitness Shop has launched the new Hyperblade Soft Tissue Massager for their online store. The health and fitness equipment and accessories supplier adds the product to their range to give customers relief from pain and soreness.

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The ongoing pandemic continues to necessitate working from home for employees all over the world. Max Grit Fitness Shop provides the newly launched professional massager to assist with relieving muscular aches and pains that stem from cramped working spaces and a lack of access to ergonomic office furniture.

Studies show that long periods of using laptops on makeshift working surfaces such as sofas or beds leads to a negative effect on the body, due to the posture that workers inadvertently adopt as a result. The Hyperblade Soft Tissue Massager is suited for the treatment of back pain and muscle soreness, alongside other affected parts of the body.

The new massager includes three custom intensity settings and utilizes NMES technology for deep muscle therapy. This works to relax muscles and stimulate blood flow, preventing muscle atrophy. The technology aims to both reduce muscle recovery time and relieve aches and strains.

Max Grit Fitness Shop states that the product is helpful for those working from home as well as people in physically demanding jobs. Its custom intensity levels allow for specific treatment on deep tissue, circulation and mobility. The massager can release tension and soothe sore muscles, leading to renewed energy and reduced stress.

Customers benefit from the massager’s low noise operation, as the product works in a quiet, relaxing manner. Its lightweight, compact design allows the massager to be carried around with ease.

“Every muscle is different, with differing shapes, sizes, and functions,” said a company spokesperson. “This advanced massager helps to meet your unique needs, targeting joint parts, deep tissue, and trigger points. It’s an ideal tool both before and after workouts, as it prevents injuries and speeds up muscle recovery.”

With the latest announcement, Max Grit Fitness Shop brings the new Hyperblade Soft Tissue Massager to customers the world over, along with a wide range of health and fitness accessories and equipment.

Interested parties can find more information about the new massager at the above URL.

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