Musca Law has updated their criminal defense services available in Jacksonville

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Have you been charged with a crime in Jacksonville, Florida? Contact Musca Law today. Our attorneys have over 150 years of combined experience in criminal defense.

Musca Law has criminal defense lawyers who get involved in all the steps of case processing. They are eager to check on the evidence provided in court, after which they note any loopholes that help clients access justice. They believe a client should get justice even if he or she has committed a crime. People panic when they are pulled over due to DUI offenses. They can get quick help by calling the lawyers. The right Jacksonville Criminal Attorney is always ready to listen to the issues and offer the necessary help. There are several areas covered by Musca Law under criminal law. They include the following:

Jacksonville Dui Lawyer

When charged with DUI, several steps should be taken. What if a police officer was wrong in taking the sobriety test? People should know their rights, and unfortunately, others do not know where to get started. The law firm aims at helping citizens by availing quick help. A client can call, and the lawyers will offer necessary help on the right steps.

Jacksonville Sex Crime Attorney

Several factors can affect the outcome of a sex case. For instance, the lawyers and judges will lock at a lack of knowledge, consensual encounter, among other issues. One can suffer lifelong consequences if he or she gets listed in the sex offender registry. The alders are ready to mount a solid defense if one has been charged wrongly. There are several cases where the lawyers have been involved, and they have helped the suspect access justice.

Wide range of criminal cases

There are several types of cases that fail under criminal cases. For instance, spousal assault, theft, corruption, among others. The lawyers are fully certified to handle a wide range of cases. They have helped many people across the state of Florida.


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