Murphy TX VoMor Hair Extensions Coloring Local Salon Spa Service Launched

The stylists at The Full Spectrum Hair Salon in Murphy TX are proud to launch their VoMor Hair Extension service. These safe and premium hair extensions are now available.

After extensive training, the stylists at The Full Spectrum Hair Salon in Murphy TX have launched their new Hair Extension service. They use safe and premium hair extensions. This service gives this exclusive salon one more exclusive service area residents may enjoy. They are located in Murphy but have clients in Wylie, Sachse, and Parker.

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The Launch of this service by The Full Spectrum sets this salon apart. The VoMor hair extensions they use are safe and do not damage the hair. They are comfortable, natural, undetectable and fast to apply and remove (in-salon only).

In addition to the new service of hair extensions, the salon also provides safe hair color both hair extensions and natural hair. They also have a day spa where clients can relax and have all their beauty needs met by the outstanding staff at full Spectrum.

The most basic service at Full Spectrum is its ability to offer professional consultations to give its clients a trendy hairstyle. This can usually be found in one of the magazines they have in the waiting area.

Once the style is decided upon then cut, color and even the option of hair extensions come into a discussion.

Full Spectrum understands that the client’s proper hair care is the most important issue to them when they come to the salon. They are conveniently located in Murphy, TX near Richardson, Wylie, Sachse, and Parker.

The salon advertises that it is a place that provides, “Beauty without compromise. Where health and beauty come together. When you look good, you feel good, we get you ready to take on the world. Where relaxation and fun come together. It is always a good day when you are with us.”

As the launch of the VoMor Hair Extension Service begins the Full Spectrum encourages anyone interested to call. They will happily answer any questions one has concerning hair extensions and all other offered services.

For more details see the above URL or call an book an appointment at 972-509-1595

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