Multisensory Reading Course Interactive Literacy Live Program Launched

The Reading Ranch launched an award-winning interactive online literacy program for children of different ages. Fun live lessons with a tutor help kids improve their reading and writing skills.

The Reading Ranch Tutorial Center, a children’s literacy school, announced the launch of its Virtual Reading Program for children of different ages, from PreK to sixth grade. The program is comprised of live classes and utilizes a multisensory teaching approach.

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With the new announcement, the center aims to help children improve reading, writing, comprehension, spelling, and critical analysis skills from the comfort of their homes, while making the process fun and interactive for them.

The Reading Ranch Virtual Learning Program (VLP) is comprised of 50 minute online live sessions with a tutor for maximizing the child’s academic success. Classes are limited to 2 students. Teachers provide personalized instruction and respond to students’ needs in real time.

The youngest program participants (3-4 years old) learn the oral language and alphabetic principles, develop phonological awareness, and learn vowels and consonants through rhyme-time and word play.

A multi-sensory language enrichment program is offered to first-graders. The program involves guided reading, vocabulary enrichment, and early fluency building with comprehension. It is also beneficial to students with dyslexic tendencies.

Reading comprehension classes for older kids (2nd-6th grade) teach them to use critical thinking to review story development, analyze characters and the author’s purpose. The Writing Lab helps children of this age group improve writing skills by exploring a variety of topics with the guidance of a writing coach.

The VLP program is also beneficial for ELL/ESL students.

Dr. Kim Southwell, the founder of the Reading Ranch, developed the curriculum and methods as part of her Doctoral studies based on sound research and proven principles, as well as her 22 years of teaching experience. The center’s reading tutors are trained to provide interactive lessons using a multi-sensory teaching approach.

“The purpose of Reading Ranch is to provide children with enrichment and/or intervention in reading and writing while giving students the confidence and independence to be successful in literacy,” said a company representative. “The center’s laser focus on literacy sets it apart from competitors and provides students exceptional results.”

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