Multi Key Disease Prevention Sanitation Low-Cost Reusable Durable Tool Launched

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A novel disease-preventing low-cost invention called the KEYsistant has been launched. It is an 8-in-1 tool that can be used to prevent touching dirty surfaces.

The KEYsistant, a tool designed to prevent the touching of dirty surfaces, has been launched. It is an 8-in-1 anti-microbial, brass, no-touch, multi-function key with a stylus, pull reel and carabiner.

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The KEYsistant was prompted after the inventor saw the limitations with PPE/EDC, their costs, and environmental waste. The KEYsistant is made of pure solid brass and looks like a key. The item comes attached to a complimentary carabiner, split-ring, and stylus.

The NY Times, the FDA, scientists, and environmentalists raise the alarm on Covid-19 wastage and infections caught from dirty surfaces. The EPA approves brass for its anti-microbial and self-healing oligodynamic property.

The solid brass construction of the KEYsitant provides a surface that effectively kills germs on contact. The item can reduce touching infected areas by up to ninety-nine percent. This invention allows users to stop using elbows, pens, tissues, or spraying before touching dirty items.

It can hold handlebars on the bus or train, tear simple packing, and be used to flip all sorts of switches. It can also be used to open doors, and its accompanying stylus is used for smartphones, tablets, and digital signatures. Other uses include pressing elevator buttons and carrying dirty grocery bags.

The KEYsistant is useful at the grocery store to push carts and enter the PIN on the payment machine. Other customers are using it to open and close sliding doors, flushing public toilets, turning off faucets, touch fast food kiosks, and to purchase treats from digital vending machines. The designers of the KEYsistant have also put a bottle opener for the convenient opening of bottles of soda.

When ordering, commercial customers can have names and logos engraved or coded IDs placed on the back of the KEYsistant. This feature allows this item to be passed out to customers and promote a company’s brand.

It also includes accessories such as a carabiner, stylus tip, split ring & pull reel to reduce cross-contamination. Users may buckle it to trousers, bag, or purse and thus have instant access to KEYsistant, ID, or keys.

The launch of the KEYsistant gives those concerned about touching dirty surfaces an affordable and great solution. Each KEYsistant is polished manually and inspected before being packed and shipped.

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