Multi-Function Survival Business Card Saw Blade Wrench Safety Gear Launched

Protection Bay, the Jacksonville based personal protection and safety gadget store, has launched a new product range for the summer season. It includes a multi-purpose safety business card, pen knives, and more.

Protection Bay has launched a new range of products for the summer season, ensuring that more customers can enjoy better protection whether out and about, at home, or on vacation. The Jacksonville, FL based protective gadget and safety equipment store is known for its high quality service and now offers a wider range of products to better safeguard customers.

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The site explains that Protection Bay was launched by a long-time physical fitness enthusiast who at one time thought he had no need for self protection products. Then, five years ago in a dark parking lot, he found out otherwise.

While his situation turned out okay, he knows that for many others they don’t get so lucky. Now he’s offering a range of high quality personal safety and protection items through his online store.

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These include tactical flashlights, pepper spray, stun devices, hard-knuckle gloves, steel batons, and a wide range of other gear that is designed to protect people when the worst happens.

One of the most popular items in the new launch is the multi-function survival business card. This is a convenient and multi-purpose device that is the size of a typical business card, and can therefore be carried easily and go undetected.

It has 11 different uses, including a knife edge, can opener, ruler, screwdriver, wrench, saw blade, wing nut wrench, key chain hole, and direction ancillary indicator.

Other new products include pen knives that are designed to look exactly like real writing pens. They look like an ordinary pen, but can be pulled apart to reveal a safety device that can save someone’s life.

Customers can also find a new collection of the popular Brutus Self Defense Key Chain. This is the only public safety bulldog keychain accessory that can be attached to keys easily or stowed away as required.

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