Multi-Family Real Estate Investor Podcast Appearance Service Launched

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A new real estate investment training program has been launched by Sydney Mbachu. He helps immigrants, minorities and those with the passion to succeed to launch and grow their business.

Highest PR has launched a new program for real estate investors who wish to use podcast appearance to build their brand, win new clients and close more deals. The program focuses on getting multifamily real estate investors unto niche podcasts relevant to the real estate investing niche so that these investors can reach their perfect audience.

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The focus of the new program is ideal for real estate investors who have coaching programs, online courses, local meetups, etc who wish to build and expand their brands by tapping into existing real estate investing-related podcasts audiences and speaking directly to that audience. Many real estate investors are good at what they do and many have excellent courses, but getting to the right audience for what they offer is a challenge that this new program of getting them unto the right podcasts solves.

Many well known multifamily real estate investors use omnipresence to build their brands to attract investors. They often spend an enormous amount of time building their own podcasts and their own audiences. But this is very time-consuming and many multifamily real estate investors are too busy building their real estate portfolios to make this happen.

That is why the best way to get to the right audience efficiently is by appearing on podcasts.

The audience has already been built for you: by the podcast hosts.

The connection and trust with the host has already been established. All the real estate investor has to do is show up and speak with that audience.

This is a greatly underutilized avenue of brand building by real estate investors. Most multifamily investors simply are not aware that they can do this. This is why doing this would certainly make the investor stand out among others. But the trick is that, in addition to also being time-consuming to reach out to so many podcast hosts and manage the scheduling and coordination of podcast appearances, you have to know how to do it and do it correctly. You have to know how to pitch your value proposition to the podcast host for them to be convinced that your message would be both relevant and valuable to their existing audience.

The good news is, this is where Highest PR comes in. Highest PR handles everything for you, from the research to the outreach to the follow up to the scheduling. All you have to do is just show up to the podcast interview and speak.

Additionally, the founders of Highest PR come from a real estate investing background as well. They’ve been involved in niches ranging from wholesaling and single family homes to multifamily real estate properties and have coached other aspiring real estate investors.

The unique value proposition of speaking on podcasts is that many buyers and investors make their buying decisions by listening to these podcasts.

Who are the people listening to these real estate investing podcasts?

They are doctors, lawyers, dentists, accountants, Directors, VP’s, CEO’s, corporate executives, retirees, all people who may have extra disposable income and large amounts of savings that are just sitting in their bank accounts and would love to come in as passive investors in multifamily real estate investing deals. When they hear you on these podcasts, they have confidence in you and would become more likely to invest in your multifamily deals. Thus, you could raise a lot of capital from potential LP’s towards your new multifamily acquisition.

And all this can happen by speaking on podcasts where your ideal customers are tuned in.

And Highest PR can help you set all that up in a hands-off manner.

To learn more about how you may leverage podcast appearances to build your multifamily real estate brand, reach out directly to Highest PR here:

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