MULTI-broker Bot Stuns Binary Options Market

Here's the world's first MULTI-broker bot that removes trade limitations by dynamically combining accounts and allowing traders to consistently DOUBLE winnings money every month.

Trading with bots has its limitations, but now, with the “100% Profit Bot”, that’s no longer an issue. 

“100% Profit Bot” was officially released to the public Nov 10th 2014 after months of extensive beta testing. It marks a revolution milestone in the trading industry, as it has the ability of removing trade limitations. This is possible due to its feature that enables combining accounts in a dynamic way, accounts that consistently double profits on a monthly basis. 

There’s another cutting edge feature which put 100% Profit Bot in a class of its own. Profit taking is systematically triggered at regular intervals. The user is forced to withdraw profits eliminating the risk of losing gains earned over the past period. If profit taking is ignored the bot will simply stop siphoning any more earnings until withdrawn. This is what makes earnings a certainty for all users. Profits increase slowly but surely until they reach a potential $128,000, usually within a year. Even novices can make this kind of money, without having any experience trading binary options.

Users like A. Shannon from the US are very impressed with the abilities of 100% Profit Bot, stating that it really delivers. “It honestly works just as advertised, hence the positive reviews it receives from all over the world”.

The author of 100% Profit Bot is Sporsmavin, the author of Rainmaker 265, one of the best binary traders in the entire world. Sportsman is a graduate from the Harvard School of Business and has an impressive portfolio of clients handled while working for Goldman Sachs. 

For a limited time, traders can open a free account on the 100% Profit Bot website. This will grant access to all documents, information and details about this trading tool, as well as to a FAQ section where users can ask questions about it.

100% Profit Bot is the first multibroker bot or binary options trading system that can handle hedging and playing brokers out in a manner that’s extremely clever and practically impossible to detect by an outsider. It is a tool every trader should have.

Release ID: 68152