Multi Award Winning Future Stars Opens New Centre In Pymble

Future Stars Early Learning Centres, with over 20 years of experience, are leading providers of early education in Sydney and the Central Coast announced the imminent opening of their new state of the art centre in Pymble.

The new Pymble centre reflects management’s ‘no expense spared’ focus to provide a cutting edge, fully sustainable facility in every way. From 100% sustainable materials used throughout, solar power generation, rainwater collection and vegetables grown on site assist not only mother earth but also provide wonderful teaching opportunities. All Future Stars centres are not just a care-based service but high-quality early childhood education.

The Future Stars management tailor their unique teaching experiences to suit the demographics of each centre. They know the generic ‘one size fits all’ approach is not providing children under their care the lessons they need in these formative years.

Mr Himal Randeniya, Chief Executive Officer of Future Stars Early Learning Centres said, “The new Pymble centre is not only a wonderful home away from home experience that adds to the unique environment for the growth of our children, but is also conducive to the play and interest based framework we use in our teaching curriculum. The new facility allows us to easily provide true ‘new generation’ quality child care that is rare to find. We have strived to make this our hallmark in the new Pymble centre.”

It is often said that it takes a village to raise a child. The very fabric of the Future Stars teaching methods is to engage with the broader community. This gives children real-life experiences as a core part of their early childhood education. These experiences include visits to elderly care homes & cooking the residents morning tea, visiting health providers in the local community as well as trips to local sporting clubs.

Future Stars is working hard to stay ahead of the curve to cater for the strong trend emerging of parents wanting premium, future-focused early education child care for their children.

The new Pymble centre will incorporate the Pre-lit teaching curriculum and will begin implementing a world-first ‘Exponentials’ program which gives pathways for children to explore STEAM – Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, as well as the Arts – through a project-based curriculum focused on exponential technologies.

The new Pymble centre is truly a unique environment and teaching facility. It provides for those parents seeking this for their children. The state of the art security and safe environment provided, with features like change lighting to match changing weather conditions compliments the unique hand-holding and coaching roll they do with parents to assist them to be better parents. Parents are also catered for in the new facility with a barista on hand to make coffee to order for parents on the run.

To learn more about Future Stars Early Learning Centres, and the new Pymble centre, visit the website here:

About Future Stars Early Learning

Future Stars Early Learning Centres are pioneers in early childhood education. They have three, and soon to be four with the addition of the Pymble centre, located in the Central Coast and Sydney, Australia.

They employ only highly qualified, caring educators with a passion for the wellbeing of the children in their care. They encourage children to learn holistically and grow as individuals, and have strong connections to their identity and the community.

Future Stars Early Learning Centres reflect modern Australian values rich in diverse cultural, educational and social experiences. They have been nominated Best Centre of the Year in Early Education and Care Awards. Future Stars Early Learning Centre Chief Operating Officer, Ms Melanie Randeniya, was nominated as a Rising Star Finalist in Early Education and Care Awards.

Their Centre Managers are consistently awarded for their efforts in Education, Care and Community Engagement.

Children are presented with the opportunity to engage numerous learning contexts, such as music, dance, coding, and pre-lit programs, as well as child-centered yoga and meditation. Centres do supervised excursions to libraries, shopping centres and other institutes of interests in the community. Many Government and non-Government agency professionals centres (eg. security, health, special needs, education, and school readiness) are engaged when required to cater for the individual needs of children and the young families.

The centres have been rated by the National Quality Framework (NQF) of the Australian Government and they currently rate Future Stars Early Learning Centres as Exceeding. Ratings can be viewed at

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