Mulgas makes clear to residents of Surrey why boiler servicing is important

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Mulgas makes it very clear to residents of Surrey why their boiler needs to be serviced and the importance of having it regularly checked by an engineer

Mulgas reached out to touch on the subject of boiler repair, and how it’s important to service boilers to keep them operating efficiently. They also have more to mention regarding their boiler repair service in Surrey that is currently in operation.

At minimum, an annual service is advised, the primary reason a service is advised is because if not completed, the user could be fast-tracking their boiler’s premature demise. Not only that, but an unserviced boiler could potentially pose a severe safety threat to its user, their family and even their home & neighbours. Over time, without a service, a boiler becomes much less efficient, consumes a considerable amount more energy and increases the risk of a catastrophic failure occurring. It’s also worth noting that within the UK, it is a legal requirement to get an annual boiler service & inspection.

Mulgas also offer this as part of their boiler repair Surrey service, so if residents of Surrey just need their boiler serviced and inspected by a Gas Safety registered engineer, then look no further than family-lead local boiler repair company Mulgas. They know that there is absolutely nothing worse than having a boiler break down, especially now that the UK is heading towards a colder winter. Residents of Surrey will never have to wait around for their boilers to be inspected or fixed, and statistically, 80% of the time Mulgas complete a boiler repair on the first call out.

Mulgas is a family-operated local boiler repair company who have recently began offering their services to different regions of London, Surrey being one of their latest service releases. Mulgas came to fruition thanks to a man named David Murphy, a man who has an extensive background in boiler repair that would make even the most esteemed engineer at the mainstream companies envious.

Over the years, David has grown and nurtured Mulgas’ client base, and constantly assesses the company’s strengths and weaknesses to both enhance and overcome them. Mulgas, as a company, aims to deliver a top-standard service to the residents of Surrey and surrounding areas. Readers interested in reading more about Mulgas, or seeing other services on offer, are invited to visit their website at the following URL:

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