Mulgas Ltd Reveals Powerflush Service

Mulgas Ltd releases information on their Powerflush service. Further information on the company and their service can be found at

Mulgas Ltd recently announced new details on the Powerflush service. The boiler installation experts have released three things homeowners can expect from the new Powerflush service.

The first thing customers should expect is exceptional customer service and guaranteed peace of mind that the system will not block, the company are so sure of this that they are providing a full 12 month guarantee. Mulgas Ltd makes this happen by hiring highly experienced specialists to carry out the service. This is to be expected from a business who places this much value on the satisfaction and peace of mind from their customers.

The gas boiler repair company, Mulgas also specialises in boiler repair services in and around the Surrey area. More information on this can be found on

Mulgas Ltd will ensure their engineers will use the best quality chemical solutions – nothing too acidic- to cleanse the system. Then, when the engineer has completed the task a corrosion inhibitor is added to further protect the system. Mulgas are so sure that their system willl work that they are providing 12 months guarantee, meaning if there are any issues the company will do another Flush for free.

Sarah Murphy, from Mulgas Ltd also wanted to add a few words about Mulgas Ltd and the Powerflush service:

“I understand the hydraulics of heating systems – many others don’t. 15 years in this industry has taught me all about heating systems and how they go wrong. Sludge in a system will cause untold damage. And reduce the longevity of your boiler. Our Powerflush system will remove any blockage and sludge and fully restore circulation.”

For further information about Mulgas Ltd or the new Powerflush service, it can all be discovered at

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