MovingPorters Announces the Launch of Hybrid Move Concept

MovingPorters of Tampa, Florida, has announced the release of its innovative Hybrid Move concept. The company says that it is meant for people who are frugal, smart and efficient.

MovingPorters of Tampa, Florida, has announced the release of its innovative Hybrid Move concept. The company says that it is meant for people who are frugal, smart and efficient. 

The company came up with the idea of launching the hybrid move concept due to lack of such convenient and affordable moving services in the Tampa market. MovingPorters predict that there is huge demand for professional and affordable moving service that cost just a few hundred dollars. Currently, all of the moving services available in the market cost thousands of dollars as all of them offer full-service move only.

MovingPorters plan to disrupt this market as they offer only loading and unloading moving service. So, their clients can rent a U-Haul truck or a moving container and then hire the services of movers from MovingPorters to load and unload the stuff into the container. The company says that this is a very flexible concept, as clients are free to choose the transportation as per their needs: rental truck, storage or portable storage container. 

In an official statement to the press, made the following announcement.

“When customers are looking to move their stuff on a short notice, they are looking for a professional organization that value them and provide the requested services within a short period of time. Also, customers are looking for a service that is affordable and within their means. We have launched this new hybrid move service to cater to such smart and frugal Tampa area customers who are looking to move their stuff without spending thousands of dollars on moving services.”

The company also said that, “We believe in taking the stress out of moving. Almost all of our movers are very well educated, college or postgraduate students with a real zeal for helping others in moving their stuff. We have also won numerous awards from various business organizations for our completely professional and stress free service. We understand that loading up a moving truck is not an easy job. Customers want everything arranged in a manner so that nothing gets damaged in transit and therefore, they need the services of trained and professional movers. We take the pain out of the moving process by offering very quick and affordable service at a short notice.”

“The Hybrid move offers the best of DIY move and full service move. Customers can hire our movers to just load or unload the heavy items. Our service is likely to save the clients hundreds of dollars for each move.” has been in this business for more than six years. The company is based in Tampa, Florida. They specialize in offering affordable labor to home and business owners to facilitate their move to a new location. Clients need to rent their own trucks. The professional movers from MovingPorters then help them in loading all boxes and all of the furnishings onto the truck. The movers also provide unloading services at the other end of the move as long as it is in the Tampa metro area.

Their business model is very simple. Clients only need to pay a $25 booking fee to schedule their service. Clients need to pay the moving charges only after the movie is completed. This way, customers are able to book with little risk, due to only paying $25 until the move is complete. They currently serve over 5000 customers on an annual basis and are AMLPA certified and BBB accredited. 

Jack, a recent customer at, was surprised when he discovered that the total cost of moving came out to just a fraction of the estimates provided by many full-service moving companies. Jack also mentioned that the movers from were completely professional and took care of his stuff. “I recently relocated from Dallas Texas to Tampa, Florida. My move could not have been complete without the amazing service offered by Moving Porters. The team of movers was reliable, professional and took complete care of all my stuff. They not only saved me a lot of money but also saved me from the stress of moving from one state to another.”


Moving Porters is a Tampa, Florida based company offering moving labor services since the year 2008. They currently serve over 5000 customers annually. They are BBB accredited. They are a privately held company and offer moving services to and from Tampa, Florida.

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