Move Well For Life Has Upgraded Its Brand To Ross Meyer – Personal Retraining

Ross Meyer's Move Well For Life has re-branded itself to reflect the importance of 'Retraining' as its core component. Retraining is all important prior to adding excessive exercise loads. Otherwise the client is being setup for injury.

Personal Training can deliver a lot more than simply looking good.

People have a myriad number of connotations that come to mind when they consider the term ‘personal training’ and what it means to them. For many, it simply means having someone there to push the client to do their situps, pull-ups and to run around the block a few times for others it involves a more intensive workout regime that will lead to world class strength – or at least the appearance of it.

One thing that is typically not addressed prior to just jumping into a weight regime is analyzing the trainee’s weakest links going into a new training. Addressing these areas first is all important when trying to build a foundation that will be able to handle the increasing load in a healthy way. Once these areas have been identified, according to Ross Meyer, then they can begin a process of retraining the client’s awareness, and understanding, of his/her body as new exercises are introduced, and weight loads increased.

While eliminating pain, and enhancing optimal movement in a person’s body are a top priority for Ross’s practice, the concept of Retraining is really the peak of his approach. As a result, Ross Meyer – Move Well For Life has been rebranded Ross Meyer – Personal Retraining ( and the company website has been upgraded to further distinguish this new brand focus.

The Ross Meyer Difference: Personal Re-Training – A note from Ross Meyer

‘Personal Re-Training resembles “fitness” and “working out,” but those terms are left out of the personal retraining approach as there is a fundamental difference in philosophy. Personal Retraining focuses on retraining the client’s body, brain, muscles and nervous system – the goal being a retraining of the person as a whole. Regaining the clients full capacity, regardless of that individuals belief that this is still possible is the goal. In reality there are likely alot of bad habits standing in the way – habits that can be replaced with productive ones. That’s the core of this Personal Training approach.’

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