Motorists Must Prepare For Coming Winter Weather

The coming winter weather means motorists need to prepare for dangerous conditions on the road with ice likely to feature. To ensure drivers are prepared it is always best to store essentials such as a high-visibility vest, foil blanket, torch, gloves and a snow shovel.

This weekend much of south-east England will see strong winds and heavy rain caused by storm Angus, causing the Met Office to initiate a yellow and amber warning with possible travel distribution arising from surface flooding, collapsed trees, power outages and damaged buildings. The sudden influx of freezing temperatures from the Arctic Ocean means motorists must be prepared for a cold and bitter winter. It is recommended that motorists take proportionate steps now for the coming months, as road conditions are likely to deteriorate, to be prepared for the coming downpours and stormy conditions.

Motorists in Scotland and northern England have already seen a surprising amount of snow, settling on country roads. It is, for this reason, motorists should now prepare their vehicles for winter weather and should carry with them essentials when driving in hazardous conditions, such as icy roads and in heavy rain and snow, to prepare for the worst. It is always best when heading out in bad weather to carry a mobile phone, water, a foil blanket, snow shovel, torch, ice scraper, gloves/scarf and a high-visibility vest in case of a breakdown or accident. Items such as a foil blanket can seem unnecessary most of the time but any stranded driver will be happy to have one in freezing cold circumstances, as well as a high-visibility vest should you need to abandon your vehicle to seek help or assistance.

One thing is clear; every winter is known to bring with it dangerous conditions for motorists in England, and a winter motoring kit can make a positive difference in an otherwise negative experience. All drivers are responsible for their vehicles taking steps now will put you ahead of others and get you to where you need to be.

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