Motorcyclist Braden Childers Deer Strike Video Attracts International Attention

The moment captured by motorcyclist Braden Childers when he collided with a deer almost four years ago, while completing a bike rally in West Virginia, is approaching a million views on his YouTube channel, which is expected to reach by the July anniversary upload.

The moment captured by motorcyclist Braden Childers when he collided with a deer almost four years ago, while competing in a bike rally in West Virginia, is set to reach a million views on YouTube. Currently at almost 800,000 views, it’s expected to pass the 1 million mark by the four-year upload date this coming July.

To view the footage, visit Childers’ YouTube channel:

Childers, an avid motorcycle rally racer and competitor, was completing the Rally West Virginia in July 2012, a two day, 300 mile race, when he struck a Silver Creek mountain deer crossing the course. Childers was near completion of the race, when the deer, equally shocked and startled as he, unexpectedly crossed his path in a split moment as the collision occurred.

At the time of the collision, Childers was traveling at a speed of 55 miles per hour. He captured the footage on a GoPro camera mounted on his helmet, always in the habit of riding with one. A race photographer ahead of him also captured a still image of Childers as the deer collided with the front of his bike. Childers uploaded the footage on July 28, 2012.

The clarity of the video is such that, the image of the deer appearing seconds before darting out, during the strike and attempting to scramble back to balance afterwards are surprisingly sharp. Childers rolled and slid along the road as he came off the bike. After seeing the deer had already run off into the woods and a quick assessment of his own condition he actually continued on to finish the race, taking second place overall and a first in the 450th class.

Regarding the footage, Childers stresses that the road was part of a closed course with lots of hill rises and sharp turns, and he does not condone anyone crossing full yellow lines whilst driving. The hit occurred coming out of a turn onto a straight stretch of road. Childers has since uploaded a slow motion version of the video.

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