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For expert legal assistance with a personal injury claim in Chico, CA, please use the Law Office of Max G. Arnold. More information is available at

The attorneys of the Law Office of Max G. Arnold encourage those hurt in a personal injury accident in Chico, CA to call them today to discuss the details of the incident and the ensuing damage. They provide a caring atmosphere in which to talk and receive assistance. They understand that many people have busy lives and do not have the time to fight an insurance company. With the help of the experienced lawyers at the Law Office of Max G. Arnold, victims will no longer be forced to deal with letters, phone calls or insensitive adjusters. Instead, they can focus on their recovery while the attorneys work hard to win them just compensation for their injuries. These professional advocates represent those suffering from many types of personal injury situations, including bicycle and motorcycle accidents. To learn more, please visit

The number of biking accidents is steadily on the rise in Northern California. This is not surprising, since biking can be a dangerous means of travel. However, it is also an increasingly popular way to get around. It provides exercise and is friendly on the environment. Sadly, heavy vehicular traffic adds an extremely dangerous element to bicycle riding. If a driver is inattentive, the results to the bicyclist can be fatal. Considerations in bicycle accidents include which side of the street the biker was on, if he or she was wearing a safety helmet, were they on the sidewalk or in a crosswalk and whether the bike was equipped with the safety devices that are required by law. The answers to these questions, among others, influence the settlement of the case, and the expert team at the Law Office of Max G. Arnold will work through any legal complications and barriers.

Similarly, motorcyclists can be in life-threatening danger from lack of driver alertness. Also like bike riders, their numbers have flourished in recent years. All age groups enjoy motorcycles, partly because many feel free and unencumbered when riding on one. This freedom has its risks, as there is no structure to protect motorcycle riders from the pavement, cars, and elements of nature. Max G. Arnold has managed a large number of personal injury motorcycle claims and is in the perfect position to help victims obtain monetary compensation for what can be very serious injuries.

Please keep in mind that each injury claim has a deadline, which can be affected by factors such as the claimants age, the person responsible for the injuries and the particular circumstances of the case. The statute of limitations may permanently prevent a victim from presenting his or her legal claim. Determining the deadline is vital and requires the work of a skilled accident attorney such as the ones found at the Law Office of Max G. Arnold.

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