MotiveWave Software Advancing Quickly With Release of Version 6.0 and 6.1

MotiveWave Software is quickly advancing its trading platform with the release of Version 6.0 and 6.1, making it a major player in the Volume and Order Flow trading software market.

MotiveWave Software, a Kelowna-based developer of easy-to-use high-performance charting and trading software, has been busy adding many new features to its already full-featured charting and trading platform.

Version 6.0 was officially released October 7, 2019 after 8 months of beta testing within the MotiveWave community. Version 6.0 was the largest leap forward for the company, as far as the incredible number of features and level of functionality added.

“MotiveWave Version 6.0 was our biggest major release yet and it is an exciting step forward in the evolution of our software”, said Tony Lindsay, Founder of MotiveWave Software, “With Version 6.0, we made some necessary and huge improvements to our DOM and Order Flow tools, as well as packing in a large number of other enhancements.”

Here are just a few highlights of the latest features and enhancements that were added into MotiveWave Version 6.0:

– Exit Strategies

– Customizable Trade Panel with shortcut buttons

– Market By Order — Displays individual order sizes in the Bid/Ask Columns

– Big Trades Study — Ability to filter out smaller sizes and just see the large orders/Big Players

– More Depth Levels in DOM (Depth of Market) beyond the standard 10 — Users can see the full order book

– DOM Position in Queue — User can see where their order is in the queue

– Many more DOM Enhancements, including additional columns

– Cloud Workspaces

– Continuous Contracts Support for Futures

– Custom columns in Watch lists and Quote sheets

– Watch List Flags and Filtering

– Gauges — Used to visually display statistics or study values in a panel in the Console or Desktops

– Profit/Loss Calculator

– Analysis Packs — For exporting a set of analyses across multiple charts

– Auto Backup

Version 6.1 was released December 20, 2019, just 2 months later with more key features, making MotiveWave even more user-friendly and more customizable.

“Version 6.1 was in direct response to our users, who needed even more flexibility in their charts — our Floating Stations and Untitled Analyses now give them full customization of their layout and flexibility with how they use analyses across their charts. We believe we are the best trading software that you’ve never heard of, but that is changing quickly. We’ve shown that we continually keep improving the product based on what’s best for the user experience and what’s best for the software itself. We’ve been developing full speed for 10 years now, and we still have no intention of slowing down.”

Here are a few highlights of the latest features and enhancements to be added into MotiveWave Version 6.1:

– Floating Stations — drag ‘stations’ anywhere you want for a fully customizable layout

– Untitled Analyses — Untitled analyses are scoped to a chart, so that the contents of the chart are not shared between other charts of the same instrument. This is the behavior that you would typically see in other charting software.

– Export/Import Pages

– Data Export Groups

– Save as Image Name

– More Studies Added

– More DOM Enhancements

– and more!

See all of the highlights for MotiveWave Version 6.0 and Version 6.1 in the What’s New Guides found on the MotiveWave Download Page:

See the What’s New Videos in the MotiveWave Video Library.

MotiveWave is an advanced full-featured trading platform available for Windows and macOS. MotiveWave is available in 5 different editions, designed to meet individual trading needs, experience and budget.

MotiveWave can be used to trade any securities that your broker or data service supports. These may include stocks, futures, options, equities, cryptocurrencies and Forex.

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About MotiveWave Software

Founded in 2010, MotiveWave Software is a developer of easy-to-use high-performance charting and trading software for the individual active trader. Built with the individual trader in mind, the company’s full-featured trading platform, MotiveWave, provides advanced charting, market analysis, strategy creation and back-testing, that enables traders to easily execute their trading decisions accurately and efficiently through its intuitive charts, trading screens and order management capabilities. Based in Kelowna, BC, MotiveWave Software is continually invested in product development to make MotiveWave the best trading software available.

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