Motivational Speaker For High School Students – School Year Kickoff Inspiration

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John Beede, an author and world traveler, announced his availability for youth motivational presentations. In his keynote speeches he covers goal setting, persistence, and success strategies.

John Beede, an adventurer, Everest mountaineer, and book author, is giving youth motivational speeches for high school kick-off assemblies. Now, more than ever, students and educators need to get the year off to a great start. In his mountain themed presentations, John covers resilience, mental health, and goal setting.

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With the new announcement, John Beede teaches young people how to create a plan for success, set life goals, and develop resilience and grit to achieve them.

Children, teenagers, and young people are at a vulnerable stage when they need motivation and encouragement to reach their potential. Many kids may not be getting the necessary support and guidance at home, and inspiring role models can give them the hope and direction they need to attain their best in life.

John Beede is a motivational speaker, author, entrepreneur, humanitarian, and global adventurer. He has traveled to 67 countries, reached the summit of Mount Everest, and climbed the tallest mountain on every continent. John is the author of three books. He has also developed several courses on personal growth and public speaking.

In his keynote speeches and presentations for high-school and university students, he combines jaw-dropping adventure stories, humor, success principles, and goal-setting techniques to create a powerful and inspiring message. John speaks about resilience, developing grit, leadership, adaptation, and persistence.

John is often invited as a keynote speaker to conferences and events by universities, student councils, high schools, private schools, teen organizations, and associations that prepare future leaders and entrepreneurs. John has already given live presentations to nearly 1 million audience members in 48 U.S. states and 6 countries, as well as 10 million online viewers.

Speaking about drive and inner purpose, John Beede helps kids and young people believe in their abilities and teaches them strategies to be resilient and motivated, and prepare themselves for life challenges.

“John kicked off the conference, speaking to 1,300 students and he definitely had the group motivated and fired up for the rest of the conference,” said a satisfied client. “He was swarmed with students for the rest of the time he was on site. His leadership and goal-setting definitely stuck with the kids.”

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