Motivating Mom Healthy Kids & Parents Tips & Advice Announced on Podcast Network

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The Motivating Mom podcast has joined the Parents on Demand Network, a collection of shows created for families and new parents. The show is hosted by Lisa Druxman of FIT4MOM who has a passion for helping to raise healthy moms.

The Parents on Demand Network, a collection of podcasts with content specifically created for families and new parents, has added Motivating Mom to its series of shows. Motivating Mom is hosted by Lisa Druxman of FIT4MOM and Stroller Strides, who has a passion to help raise healthy moms who themselves can raise healthy kids in a healthy world.

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The Parents on Demand Network offers a wide range of content and allows parents to easily find and subscribe to programming that’s specific to their interests and needs. This means that families can get easy access to content tailor made for them.

It allows podcasters a chance to collaborate with other content creators, combine resources, and reach a wider audience through sharing access to each others’ fans.

The network was created in 2012 by Sunny Gault, the owner of New Mommy Media, which is based in San Diego and hosts a range of podcasts geared towards providing new parents with education, information and engaging topics to listen to.

The above site explains that, today, the Parents on Demand Network uses a team of experienced advisors to influence important decisions, help to develop and maintain growth, and preserve the network as a valuable resource for families.

There are a number of benefits for joining the POD Network. The podcast itself will be featured on the Parents on Demand Network app both on iOS and Android, boosting exposure for the show and helping them to get more listeners.

In addition to that, it allows podcast creators the chance to benefit from a customized section on the POD Network website, advertising the show. There are individual web pages for every episode, and extensive category search options to help people find out more.

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