Motion Ads 2.0 Cham Altatis, 2017 Video Marketing Engagement Tool Launched

A new video marketing tool has been launched by Cham Altatis, called Motion Ads 2. It allows businesses in any niche to create looping videos for their products and services, which they can post online and on social media.

Cham Altatis has launched a new video marketing tool called Motion Ads 2, which offers comprehensive training on how to create stunning Cinemagraphs. These are motion graphics that can be used in marketing to capture visitors’ attention and engage them in new ways, which can help to increase sales.

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The site explains that the new program also includes a course on how to turn images into elegant video loops. The product comes with ready made cinemagraph backgrounds that clients can use instantly, helping to enhance the effectiveness of marketing campaigns for any business.

A cinemagraph is essentially a living image: a still photograph that contains an element of movement on a loop. This creates a never ending moment that can be used to great effectiveness on a company website.

Cinemagraphs can be displayed in HTML5 format for increased functionality, offering high resolution at a smaller file sizes. This allows it to be used in more ways than gifs, and allows business owners to capture visitor attention in the best way.

Numerous big brands are using cinemagraphs in their marketing campaigns, because they offer a range of benefits. It gives access to the power of video with the ease of use of still photos.

It allows companies to add digital ads to their websites and social media posts, making for more engaging posts. It also means businesses in any niche can showcase their products and services in new ways.

Cinemagraphs also integrate well with Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, because videos on these services now auto play when they are viewed on screen. Businesses can therefore use their own cinemagraphs to tell stories quickly and efficiently on these social media platforms.

This allows them to drive engagement, and get more people interested in their products. It also helps to increase brand awareness, and get more people clicking through to their main website.

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