Motherhood Parenting Podcast Debuts On Expecting New Parents Podcast Network

The Parents On Demand Network, a company offering high-quality parenting podcasts, announced the addition of Modern Mommy Prepschool to its online collection. The podcast features entertaining and informative expert interviews on a wide range of topics of relevance for new parents.

The Parents On Demand (POD) Network, a media company providing a wide range of parenting and family-oriented podcasts, announced Modern Mommy Prepschool, a new podcast available through their official website. Hosted by Sunit Suchdev, a parenting coach, author, speaker and mother of twins, the podcast features various expert interviews on a wide range of relevant topics for new and expecting parents- especially first-time moms.

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Podcasts have become increasingly popular in recent years, as more and more people have begun to appreciate both the quality of the content and the convenience and portability of this type of media. While various quality parenting podcasts have been developed, it is often challenging and time consuming for many listeners to find the best ones.

The Parents on Demand Network was created to help parents, educators and anyone with an interest in parenting gain immediate access to a wide selection of high-quality parenting podcasts. The POD Network has recently announced the addition of Modern Mommy Prepschool to its online collection.

The podcast is hosted by Sunit Suchdev, an accomplished mother of twins with a successful career as a parenting coach, author and speaker. With episodes featuring interviews with various experts on topics ranging from communicating with a newborn to educational alternatives, Modern Mommy Prepschool aims to help new mothers develop strong bonds with their children, understand the challenges of motherhood, and continue their journey towards self-growth.

Sunit Suchdev is proud to be featured on the POD Network. “This network is a God send for busy moms who don’t have time to search specific podcasts!”, said Sunit. “It’s really a one stop shop for parents at all stages of their parenting journey.”

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