Mortal Kombat Smart Compression Sleeve Launched With Cognitive Boost Technology™

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Smart Compression Sleeve company eSmartr launched a new addition to their range: the Mortal Kombat™ Fatality. Available with Cognitive Boost Technology™ in forearm and full arm length.

The brand behind The Official Sleeve of eSports has launched a new product in their range, the Mortal Kombat Fatality Smart Compression Sleeve. Featuring a smoky black and red design, the eSmartr sleeve is a 100% natural solution that turns skin contact into improved mental performance with its revolutionary technology

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The Cognitive Boost Technology (CBT) pattern naturally stimulates receptors in the skin of the forearm. These receptors generate signals that are processed by the brain’s cognitive networks, improving focus, clarity, and calmness.

Since many gamers play for hours a day, eSmartr’s Smart Compression Sleeves can help to alleviate the cumulative stress levels caused by extensive gaming, reducing burnout whilst improving mental performance.

Their range of Smart Compression Sleeves have also been designed for use by athletes and fitness enthusiasts to improve performance and cognitive function. This technology is available in a variety of colours, brands, and designs, which now include Mortal Kombat Fatality in both full arm and forearm lengths.

The latest update to the range of Smart Compression Sleeves from eSmartr is in line with the company’s commitment to optimizing athletic and eSport performance using wearable neuro-tech to improve mindfulness.

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A spokesperson for the company said: “Our mission is to provide that extra push in a safe, natural, and easy way. In a world where people turn to drugs, apps, and devices for a ‘quick fix’ to help them find their focus, eSmartr believes in putting people first. That’s why our products are designed to be non-invasive, 100% natural solutions for increasing focus and reducing stress—to let you be the reason you achieve your goals.”

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