Morris Printers Launches A New Article Describing The Two Main Types Of Printing

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Morris Printers has created a new article which reveals two primary forms of commercial printing technologies available – digital and offset printing. Clients who are interested in knowing more about these two types of printing should head over to the full article to find out more:

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In the article they talk about digital and offset printing, the difference between the two and how they make a difference to the customer? According to Mr. Morris, the two factors that really impact the customer are speed and price.

Offset printing is another name for conventional print which is been around for many many years. Ink is applied on rollers which each have their own specific colour Cyan, Magenta, yellow and black, commonly described in the printing business as,CMYK. Offset is used for large quantities of print, as a guide, anything more than 2000 A4 full colour flyers should be done on an offset press. Offset is much more closely aligned with traditional printers, where mixing colours, to a greater or lesser degree is an art-form.

Mr Morris says, “Digital printing is a far simpler process and can be used for smaller quantities than offset printing. The advances in digital printing have been huge in the last decade, with new digital printers, which are really just massive photocopiers, able to produce work which is of a magnificent quality, and can be turned around really fast, as the amount of preparation required in the digital environment is not nearly as intensive as in the offset world.”

As professional printers Morris Printers are well versed in the differences between digital and offset, and are happy to advise as to which process will suite any budget.

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