Morphic Beast-Onoma Studio New NFT And Play To Earn Game Project

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Cherry Hill, NJ-RP Summit (856-424-7222) Morphic Beast NFT Will Offer Gamers Exciting New Ways To Play And Earn Using In-Game Characters And Tools

Morphic Beast NFT Will Offer Gamers Exciting New Ways To Play And Earn Using In-Game Characters And Tools

Cherry Hill, New Jersey: Pay-to-earn games and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are slowly taking over the gaming space and allowing players to unlock new forms of ownership and creativity within their favorite games. Onoma Studios will partake in the growing industry with its first NFT that is expected to launch on December 8th and we have the best industry experts on our team leading the charge.

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Onoma Studio is adamant about ensuring a bespoke and entertaining gaming experience that steers clear from the standard pay-to-play format and allows you to get opportunities to earn money for playing the game.

NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, first came to light a few years ago, powered by blockchain technology, they allow you the opportunity to maintain ownership of digital assets. The unique signature attached to your file distinguishes it from all other digital copies of it, allowing you to enjoy genuine ownership of the original digital asset regardless of how many copies of it exist. The value of an NFT is determined by how much someone is willing to pay for them, and these NFTs have become a popular method for selling art in an increasingly digital world.

The potential applications for NFTs extend far beyond the realm of art and decentralized currencies. Our play-to-earn game utilizes blockchain technology to allow players, with high-level accounts and powerful characters, view a range of rare in-game items to those who are looking to get an edge in the game.

Onoma Studios has brought in top blockchain industry professionals to facilitate this as an in-game feature for Morphic Beast. Tom Kozlowski, the CMO of Onoma Studios takes particular pride in our team of experts and has said, “We are pleased to introduce our Senior Blockchain Developers, Cheng Gong, Shen Gang, and Tran Huy Duan. They are truly masters at what they do.”

The studio is committed to ensuring the best experience for gamers who want to enjoy a top-notch gaming experience with a play-to-earn system powered by blockchain technology. Our team of Senior Blockchain Developers brings their extensive expertise regarding wide applications of blockchain technology, specializing in its use for the play-to-earn system.

Previously, selling high-level accounts with rare items and high-level characters was a practice frowned upon by game developers. At Onoma Studios, we only feel it is a fair practice and encourage it. With the launch of Morphic Beast in a few days’ time, you will get to enjoy a stellar gaming experience that is unique because it gives you a way to control, own, and use the characters and items while you play the game to benefit from them.

Cheng Gong, Shen Gang, and Tran Huy Duan have played a critical role in bringing this massive undertaking to light. The launch on December 8th will show you the culmination of the combined efforts of the Onoma Studios through Morphc Beast.

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