Morgellons Support Group Call-In Show Gives Sufferers Safe Haven For Healing

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What's the best way to help those who struggle with Morgellons Disease? Host a support group via a call-in show where sufferers get together and feel wanted for a change.

A weekly Morgellons support group call-in show, run by bestselling author Richard Kuhns, is giving sufferers of Morgellons disease a true outlet to help deal with the devastating effects of the debilitating disease.

It is a very emotional scene for many of the sufferers as they have no place to go and no network to rely on when the illness becomes too much for them to handle. This is one of the main reasons why Richard has set up this weekly call-in show. He says this is “Their sacred space of healing which they can look forward to each week to form a network of real support by their peers.”

The weekly call-in show happens every Sunday and usually lasts around an hour or so. Each person is allowed three minutes to tell their story, ask questions and/or talk about their problems. Richard feels this type of support helps sufferers understand there are others going through the same symptoms and they can bond through shared experiences.

What is the format of the call-in show?

Richard has set up a two-part format that gives each caller the chance to feel part of the show. He says, “No one should be left out who wants to be helped.”

The first part of the call is handled by a moderator, Margie from MA, who is also suffering from skin parasites. She has callers share their experiences in dealing with skin parasites – how doctors ignore them, the impact on their families, finances, and health.

“The stories are gut-wrenching” reveals Richard “But we’re much stronger as a group.” Each week has seen a steady increase in the amount of people joining the call-in and he hopes he can reach as many sufferers as possible.

As part of the weekly call-in show, Margie also asks them to employ some recovery tools such as keeping a recovery journal where they create an action list and write down what they’ve done to deal with the disease… even if it’s just one positive thing. Other tools are stress management related such as affirmations, mediation, prayer, and so on.

Richard and Margie believe it’s important to draw strength from each other.

The second part of the call is an opportunity for callers to ask specific questions of Richard relating to his special diet and various supplements and products in his protocol as revealed in his book, “How To Get Your Life Back from Morgellons and Other Skin Parasites.” One of the things he emphasizes is that Morgellons is not a death sentence unless you make it one.

The last portion of the call is the hallway where callers exchange phone numbers to find a buddy to contact during the week for support and encouragement.

To learn more about the Morgellons support call-in show please contact Richard at:

phone: 732-531-1178


Website: to obtain a free copy of his 200 page e-book and gain access to the call in show.

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