More People Are Choosing To Stay Home Due To The Rise Of Hometainment

Nowadays, people are not going out as much, and are investing in bars right in their own homes. For increased comfort, Blumer & Stanton’s M-95 Bar Rail Moulding gives a home bar a finished look for those going out at home.

Los Angeles, California – June 12, 2017

In recent years, the number of commercial bars is steadily declining, due to the hot trend of having a home bar. Home bars easily turn a boring room or basement into a cool and fun part of a home. Hometainment is becoming an established trend all over the globe, meaning people are increasingly choosing to stay home rather than going out to a club, bar, or restaurant.

Blumer & Stanton’s M-95 Chicago Style Maple Bar Rail Molding trims the outer edge of a home bar area for people looking to add comfort and style to their home bar. A company spokesperson for Blumer & Stanton notes, “The M-95 Chicago Style Maple Bar Rail Moulding measures 1-3/4” x 4-7/8”, and is the ideal finish for a custom home bar.”

“Our M-95 Chicago Style Maple Bar Rail Moulding is pre-notched to fit perfectly over a ¾” bar top and ¾” sub surface, which is a construction technique preferred by professional carpenters for a more stable and sturdy bar,” the spokesperson said.

Blumer & Stanton’s M-95 Chicago Style Maple Bar Rail Moulding is even durable enough for commercial use in restaurant bars and pubs, or even man caves and residential dens. Blumer & Stanton’s M-95 Chicago Style Maple Bar Rail Moulding provides an edge of the bar to keep glasses or dishes from being slid off the edge of the bar.

A recent study finds that 2 out of 3 Millennials would rather spend a night in than out. Times are evolving, and the entertaining at home trend allows people to be more interactive on their various social media platforms and games. Nightclubs are declining each year since people want memories and unforgettable experiences that are worth posting about.

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