More Children Are Frightened Of Santa Claus Than Ever. Says

An alarming trend in the number of small children frightened of Santa Claus has caused UK based Santa hire company to address the issue with a series of fun songs designed to allow the kids to get to know Santa better.

UK based Santa hire company, Hire Santa Ltd has noticed an alarming trend…

The number of children who have a fear of meeting Santa Claus is on the increase. And this fear can spoil what should be a magical experience for children. As a result, it may actually ruin a child’s Christmas since their fear of Santa Claus may leave them traumatized. Psychologist Stephanie Lay, says, ‘Santa’s bright red clothing, noisy grotto environment, and the pressure of being “good” to get a present are likely to contribute to a scary experience.’ A fear of Santa is likened to having a fear of clowns, coulrophobia often experienced by children, many of whom carry their fear of clowns into adulthood. Most parents simply adore the idea of their children visiting ‘Santa’s Grotto’ and for many families the event has become an annual pilgrimage.

Nigel Harvey, at, is a professional actor and arguably, the best ‘Santa Actor’ there is. He has a wealth of experience playing Santa Claus and in dealing with distressed children who love the idea of meeting Santa Claus, but who become frightened when they come face to face with the ‘Big Man’. To combat their fear, Nigel has always imbued his alter ego with his trademark sense of humour which he says, ‘puts most children at ease.’ However, there are still those children for which the dream of meeting Santa becomes a nightmare.

The children who are most frightened of meeting Father Christmas tend to be the under fives. These young children are least able to cope with the overwhelming environment that often accompanies meeting with Santa. To help these children, Nigel and the team at Hire Santa Ltd have put together a series of countdown to Christmas songs. These fun songs are designed to introduce Santa to the children long before Christmas and to allow the children to get to know him in their own time and from the security of their own home. Each week, the fun sing- along lets the child know how many weeks it is until Christmas. As Christmas approaches, the songs are released daily. The song originally titled ‘One More Day to Christmas’ was written by, Aidan Bell and taken from the upcoming musical, ‘Santa Santa’.

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