More Business Owners Asking for Reviews Says Local Business Directory Expert

Historically, local business owners have been reluctant to ask for reviews, but one expert says that's changing.

In the past, local business largely relied on word of mouth to drive new customers to their shops and restaurants, but today online reviews have are the way most people make a buying decision. In fact, one recent survey shows that 84 percent of consumers trust online reviews just as much as a personal recommendation from a friend or family member. But successfully asking for those reviews has been a problem for many local shop owners.

But as it becomes clearer about just how important online reviews are for local businesses, many owners are becoming better at asking for them.

“What we’ve seen,” says a spokesman from, a local business directory on the forefront of the marketplace because it uses innovative technology that only shows visitors the results from their immediate area, “is that local business owners realize the importance of online reviews and are asking for them.”

For many years, business owners were hesitant to ask for reviews because they didn’t want their customers to feel put out by the request, but another recent study shows that customers are all too happy to leave a review if only the business will ask or it. “This news is huge for local business owners,” says the spokesman “because it gives them ‘permission’ to ask for the thing that will help boost their business.”

Other studies show that consumers want to read about 10 online reviews for a local business before deciding whether or not to visit it, and they also place significant importance on star ratings.

“The best thing local business owners can do is to ask every customer for a review on their local business listing as they leave the store,” he says. “And be sure to thank them after they leave the review.”

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