Mop Cleaning Floor Robot HOBOT LEGEE 688 with Fast Brush

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HOBOT LEGEE-688 pleasantly surprised us by showing incredible cleaning efficiency on tiles - this is objectively the best cleaning robot vacuum cleaner at the moment.

The HOBOT LEGEE 688 has a D-shaped body that has proven to be effective for cleaning corners. In the upper part, there are 2 mechanical control buttons (Start / Pause and Return to Home), as well as a lid, under which there is a dust collector and a water tank.

In the front part, there is a movable bumper (mechanical touch sensor), on which laser sensors are installed, which serve to navigate the robot vacuum cleaner.

Turning the robot over, you can see that it moves using tracks, and not wheels, like many other models. The larger grip area ensures non-slip properties even on wet, glossy floors. Below there are 2 movable blocks on which microfibers are attached. Between these blocks are installed nozzles for supplying liquid during cleaning the floor. The HOBOT LEGEE 688 has only one side brush, but this is enough for effective cleaning in corners and along walls.

Like its predecessors, this robot is 9.5 cm high. It can drive under furniture and into hard-to-reach places.

Well, the most important part of the review is the review of the functions of the new model. Let’s start with navigation, it is laser-based, so the robot can navigate well in a space divided into up to 8 rooms (for example, 8 rooms). HOBOT LEGEE 688 moves along parallel lines, not skipping uncleared areas. In addition to laser sensors, the robot is equipped with an encoder (rotation angle sensor), a gyroscope, and an electronic compass.

There are 8 cleaning modes in total:

1. Kitchen – effective cleaning of dried stains due to double passes over the area to be cleaned, abundant wetting of the floor in the first pass, and wiping off the dissolved stains in the second pass.

2. Pet – increasing the suction power for collecting animal hair, as well as spraying water to scrub the floor from paw marks.

3. Powerful – fast cleaning with maximum suction power and high frequency of movement of the wipes. The water spray level is increased.

4. Economical – by reducing the suction power, the robot cleans more quietly and at the same time the battery charge is enough for a large cleaning area.

5. Polishing – medium wetting of the floor with a higher frequency of movement of the napkins. Thanks to this, the robot vacuum cleaner polishes the floor to a shine better.

6. Standard is the optimal setting for everyday cleaning.

7. Dry – Vacuum is applied to suction debris, but water spray is disabled.

8. Your Mode – You can customize your settings by combining liquid spray level, suction power, wiping frequency, and cleaning speed.

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