MOONS’ Industries Launch New Generation Stepper Motor

MOONS' Industries launch the best compact and space-saving stepper motor on the market.

Renowned innovator MOONS’ Industries is just about to release a new stepper motor onto the market that beats all alternatives hands down. The specs listed above will let new clients know about all the ins and outs of the product. It is designed to be applied to small precision instruments, and it’s perfect for use in portable medical equipment, surveillance cameras, electronic microscopes, and actuators. The stepper motors are also excellent for a broad range of other applications. Anyone who has questions or queries just needs to get in touch with the team at Moons’ to learn more.

The innovators at MOONS’ invested a lot of time and money in product research and advanced electromagnetic simulation to guarantee their new stepper motor provides optimum performance to anyone who might decide to use it. The new MS8HY series motor hits the market on 28th February 2018, and the company has already received lots of interest from manufacturers around the world. It’s compact, highly efficient, and always beats alternatives when it comes to performance and results. The design also enables lots of connection and mounting options that clients won’t find if they select stepper motors from other brands.

The MS8HY series motors have a small body diameter, and the volume is 18.5% lower than conventional items. That helps customers who need a motor that is compact, light, and able to improve their products. There are two flange options: square and round, and the round one helps to save even more space. Customers can use the motors to create small equipment to meet almost any requirements.

Square flange mounting:

The square flange option comes in a standard HB Step design of which customers will be familiar. The MS8HY series square flange comes in two different mounting dimensions of 15.4mm or 16mm.

Round flange mounting:

The round flange helps to provide customers will more space when creating their products. The mounting plate allows screws to get assembled from the same side as the motor. That can make it much easier to install, and it also ensures the body of the product remains compact.

Anyone who would like more information about the new generation of stepper motor coming from MOONS’ Industries at the beginning of 2018 just needs to visit the company’s website and click over to the product launch page for details:

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