Montreal Disability Tax Credit Application Assistance Expert Services Launched

Quebec-based disability support organization Canada Benefit Group released a service package for clients interested in obtaining their Disability Tax Credit benefits.

Canada Benefit Group, a disability services and support organization based in Mount Royal, Quebec, launched an updated range of services for clients interested in applying for the Disability Tax Credit. The company offers a boutique service package including everything from initial consultation and tax analysis to medical analysis, application management, submission and CRA follow-up.

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The newly updated services aim to provide Canadians with personalized Disability Tax Credit assistance, thus enabling them to recover retroactive tax funds up to $40,000.

According to recent studies, up to 50% of the Canadians eligible for the Disability Tax Credit are not receiving the funds, mainly due to the strenuous application and approval process.

Disability Tax Credit offers complete assistance to help its clients navigate the application process and obtain all the needed documents for successful approval.

To ensure high standards of client satisfaction and transparency, the company charges no fees unless the client’s application is approved.

Established in 2014, The Canada Benefit Group has helped thousands of clients obtain thousands in retroactive tax refunds under the Disability Tax Credit program.

According to a company representative, the ultimate mission of the company is to enable Canadians to navigate the complicated application process by offering a boutique consulting experience.

“We discovered that the Disability Tax Credit could be life changing as it cold be claimed retroactively up to 10 years in the past”, said the spokesperson. “What was the problem? The application process was overly complicated. Many doctors and accountants were unclear on the eligibility criteria. Government agents were not very helpful over the phone. People who should have been eligible were getting denied. It was time to change all this! The Canada Benefit Group was born.”

Interested parties can find more information on the company’s new services by visiting the above-mentioned website.

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