Monterey Bay Yoga Retreat & Exercise Wellness Forest Bathing Getaway Announced

The award winning Body & Soul Adventures is opening a new venue in Monterey Bay, California, which will provide unique, life changing yoga, exercise and diet getaways.

The Body & Soul Adventures is opening a new venue in Monterey Bay, California, which will provide people around the country who want to change their lives a unique exercise, yoga and diet retreat with tons of adventure and time in the forest.

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The Body & Soul Adventures is a famous, award winning retreat provider that started on Ilha Grande, in Brazil, and which over the last 17 years has had more than 2000 guests come through its life-changing programs.

To keep providing everyone new experiences and challenging, uplifting getaways that produce life changing results, the company is now opening a new venue in Monterey Bay, California.

The new venue will provide a unique Californian style retreat focused on health, exercise, yoga and diet, with a lot of active adventure, time in the forest and mediation by the beach.

Designed to kick start anyone into a higher quality of life and edge them closer to their goals in life, the getaway will gently push everyone towards their limit during the day and offer tons of pampering at night.

Just like all their other well-known getaways, the week aims to guarantee everyone a fun yet challenging experience that will return them home feeling better than ever before and imprint the discipline needed to stay the course no matter what.

The weekly retreat hosting groups of 20 guests max starts and ends in the San Jose International Airport where someone from the Body & Soul Adventures staff will pick the clients up and drop them off.

The owner, Mike, explains “we make two promises to those join us for the week: They will sweat and smile for miles; and return home looking and feeling better than they have ever felt in their adult life.”

To talk to Mike and the team at Body & Soul Adventures or find out more about the new venue in Monterey Bay and the weekly Californian retreat they’re offering, the public can call +1408 348-5727 or check their website at the link provided above.

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