Montana Roofing Contractors Preparing for Possible Record Hail Year

The owner of Six Sigma Contracting, Rick Haas, talks about how Montana roofing contractors and their clients should be preparing for a potential record storm season.

Billings, MT. — With the Farmers Almanac predicting hotter than normal temperatures throughout Spring and Summer of this year, roofing contractors in Billings, MT, and surrounding areas are preparing for the worst.

The roof is one of the most important components of a structure, but it often is taken for granted until it falls into disrepair. During hail season this year, Billings area roofing expert Rick Haas, is encouraging homeowners to prepare early and get a jump on possible damage to property, as well as gathering insurance claim information in the event of a disaster.

Most roof systems last more than 20 years; however, routine evaluation and maintenance is necessary to extend its life and keep overall costs down. Haas urges consumers to pay attention to wear and tear on their roof systems and to make informed decisions about roof system maintenance and replacement, should the need arise from severe hail damage.

“Professional roofing contractors play a vital role in our community, and severe hail storms, like what we saw last year, demonstrate the importance of the work we do,” says Owner of Six Sigma Contracting Rick Haas. “Our clients’ complete satisfaction isn’t just a general statement, it’s a deep-seated core value that drives me every day and that includes being proactive.”

Prior to opening Six Sigma Contracting, Haas served as Senior Project Manager for Framemax, and was heavily involved with research and development and helped shepherd proprietary building components through the ASTM laboratories in conjunction with their structural engineer. “I started Six Sigma primarily for several reasons. I saw that the storm damage arena was very poorly represented not only in terms quality construction, a serious lack of integrity but also a significant ignorance about how insurance claims actually work. I know that others also do a good job in the Billings area, but it is typically the exception, not the rule.”

Haas currently operates Six Sigma Contracting, specializing in installation, repair and total replacement of residential and commercial roofing, siding, gutters, inspections and all remodeling.

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