Monkey Playr By Promote Labs Inc To Customize Embedded YouTube Video Launched

Promote Labs Inc. announced the launch of a brand new embedded video player and customizer software entitled Monkey Playr, allowing marketers to use essential video customization features usually provided by big video hosting companies while still leveraging the free hosting of YouTube.

The prominent Promote Labs Inc. announced the launch of Monkey Playr, a new ‘play anywhere’ embedded video customizer allowing users to add, adjust and modify any video on their website or blog with no hosting fees.

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Monkey Playr is an embedded video customizer software, developed by Simon Hodgkinson and Jeremy Gislason, providing marketers with a premier solution to leverage the free hosting of YouTube while still being able to benefit from essential video customization features usually offered by paid video hosting companies.

The premier video customizer can be used to define start and end times on the embedded YouTube videos to show visitors just specific sections of a video, set the videos to start automatically or loop any video and playlist, remove the YouTube logo or disable the related videos and player controls, infoboxes or annotations.

It also allows users to put YouTube videos into full responsive mode or define the precise width & height of the video player to ensure if fits anywhere on a website or blog, set the redirect URL at the end of the video or force any video to play 720/1080 HD, and more.

Being a web based service (SaaS), the Monkey Playr is also compatible and easy to set-up on any HTML and PHP site or WordPress and in addition to YouTube videos it can also be used to play and customize self-owned/hosted MP4 video files.

More information on the Monkey Playr video customizer and demos showcasing its range of valuable features along with limited offers for the initial Monkey Playr software customers, including free access to a traffic generation webinar, and more, are available on the website link provided above or at

The developers explain that “YouTube is great… but for marketers, the standard embedded video players lack some essential, key features we need and adding them ‘as is’ to your sales pages, landing pages or even blogs looks a little unprofessional. It’s called MonkeyPlayr (brand new) and if you’ve recently been tempted to ditch YouTube for a paid video hosting solution, it’s going to save you hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars a year in fees”.

Release ID: 114842