Money Mentor Investments Passive Income Affiliate Training Program Launched

A money mentor has launched an online course to help people increase their wealth through five-minute money lessons. Tai Lopez says he wants to help people get the financial education they missed.

A money mentor who aims to teach people the financial information they did not receive at school has launched a new online program. Tai Lopez explains his course is designed to teach people how to invest their money and make it work for them so they can create multiple income streams and generate wealth organically and sustainably.

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The newly launched online training program is open to anyone, whether they have investment experience and want to grow their portfolio, or beginners who need help to fix their credit and potentially secure a business line of credit. The course breaks down important financial lessons into manageable sessions.

For an investment of five minutes per day, people can access the knowledge Tai Lopez has acquired over the last ten years. He explains he has been researching, studying, and experimenting in a bid to find out why 99% of the world struggles financially while 1% of the world has most of the money available.

He explains he began by asking mentors from the inner circle of that 1% how they got to that position. Tai Lopez hopes that by joining his course, participants will achieve financial freedom, long-term security, and financial know how that has been missing their entire lives.

Over a 28-day period people who join the course will receive access to a text and email each day containing a five-minute lesson. Featured topics include how to invest money, how to make money work, creating multiple revenue streams, upcoming opportunities and trends that have not yet been fully explored, how to find a mentor, and how to fix a bad credit record or rating.

In addition, affiliate marketers, online business owners, and ecommerce store operators may benefit from the sessions on optimizing a website, securing more paying customers, and building a social media brand across the most popular channels for audience engagement.

A representative said: “Tai Lopez broke out of the tyranny of societal classes and he can help you do the same. He does not offer a rags to riches overnight experience or a get-rich-quick scheme, but he can help people increase their income – he genuinely believes every person can double their income.”

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