Money Back Life Insurance Plan – Fixed Period Coverage Policy Launched

Canadian Life Insurance Guides (1-888-709-1001), a brokerage launches its updated selection of money-back policies.

With the company’s updated offerings, clients can get comprehensive coverage over a span of time, after which the face value of the plan will be returned. As such, policyholders enjoy the best of both worlds: protection from untoward incidents and a benefit that they will enjoy during their lifetime.

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These newly added plans are ideal for individuals who need financial protection during their prime earning years. Hence, the policy can extend for such a time that their house has been paid off and their kids are through with college.

Most insurance plans today are term, meaning the benefit will only be given after the insured’s passing. As a result, most of these people will pay premiums for decades without ever seeing a return on their investment.

Canadian Life Insurance Guides offers an alternative that’s more affordable but also rewarding. It has negotiated deals with leading insurers like Manulife, Beneva, and IA Financial Group, giving clients a broad range of options.

With a money-back plan, the insured will either receive a percentage or all their money back of the premiums paid at the end of the coverage period. This kind of insurance is often chosen by people who want their money to work hard for them while they protect their family.

Prospective customers can request a no-obligation quote online. They simply need to input preliminary details about themselves and their desired length of coverage, after which an estimated premium will be given.

About Canadian Life Insurance Guides

Canadian Life Insurance Guides is dedicated to helping clients find the plan that suits their life and needs. Aside from money-back life policies, it also offers wealth builder policies for children that can help fund a home downpayment, start a new business, or a tax-free retirement.

A spokesperson says: “At Canadian Life Insurance Guides, we believe that you shouldn’t lose your hard-earned money. If your insurance doesn’t pay out during the designated coverage period because you’re still alive, then you should have an option to get your premiums back.”

Interested parties may visit if they need further details about the brokerage and its policies.

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