Money-Back Life Insurance Pays Out When You Survive the Coverage Period

Calgary-based Canadian Life Insurance Guides (+1-888-709-1001) have launched the latest version of 'Money Back Life Insurance ' program for clients seeking life insurance protection that pays you back if you survive the policy.

Canadian Life Insurance Guides, life insurance specialists based in Calgary, AB, have a life insurance program for those who live beyond their policy term. The new ‘Money Back Life Insurance’ offers a way for clients to get their money back if they survive the coverage period of their policy.

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This program addresses the fact that many people get life insurance in their 20s, 30s & 40s while they are raising children and paying a mortgage. These are the vulnerable years where if one spouse passes away without adequate life insurance, the family which was once relying on two incomes is now relying on one. They usually keep the insurance in force for usually 20, 25, or 30 years and by the time they get into their 60s or 70s, the cost of renewal is too great and the insurance is usually stopped at this point. Canadian Life Insurance Guides believes that if most people get Life Insurance during the middle of their lives then cancel it when they survive that period, there should be a way to get their money back!

Canadian Life Insurance Guides offer a variety of options within their Money Back Life Insurance programs. The Simple Money Back plan provides coverage for a period of 20, 25, or 30 years which can then be cashed out with a modest profit if the insured survives the period.

Also available is the Wealth Builder program, which not only protects families but is also a permanent coverage that leaves a legacy for your children. In addition, Wealth Builder clients can leverage their policy to fund their retirement years tax-free, usually 3x to 10x the amount they invested into the program. More so, this has no effect on eligibility for government programs such as Old Age Security or the Guaranteed Income Supplement.

Canadian Life Insurance Guides are a dedicated team of life insurance experts, offering clients policy innovation to ensure a fairer deal for their money. In addition to their insurance services, the company also partner with the Chalice and Children Believe charities to provide sponsorship for children in need across the globe.

A spokesperson says, “We are committed to helping Canadians get more out of their life insurance. If a policy doesn’t pay out during the designated coverage period, then people should have the option to get their money back.”

With the launch of their newest Money Back Life Insurance program, Canadian Life Insurance Guides affirm their commitment to affordable and fair life insurance for all Canadians. For more information, please visit

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