Mommy Please Publishes New Healthy Eating Guide To Accompany Play Food Set

Today Mommy Please announced that a new healthy eating guide has been prepared to work as a companion for their best-selling play food set.

Mommy Please designed their play food set for fun and education. Since the food contains 125 pieces, there is a large variety of food choices within the set. Today Mommy Please announced that they have prepared a special guide that can be downloaded by customers, that can be used to help explain healthy eating to children through use of the play food set.

Company spokesperson, Elsie Murphy, explained, “Our play food set has been purchased by people from around the world. When we designed this product, much detail was spent on the food choices, the materials, the color of items and labels that accompany some of the items. Our goal is to explain our reasoning behind these options, and to educate and inform everyone.”

The Mommy Please 125-piece plastic play food set is sold exclusively on and made of durable, BPA-free plastic. Within the set, there are a large variety of foods, such as chocolate bars, apples, grapes, ice cream, broccoli, chicken, tomato, strawberries, cucumbers, peppers, chips, potatoes and much more. This variety of foods is intended to give children both healthy and unhealthy food choices, so they learn and explore these food choices while playing. ranked the Mommy Please play food set their #1 food play set. Customers agree and have left over 400 positive reviews, with 96% of customers stating they liked their play food set. One satisfied customer who is a verified purchaser wrote, “Pretty good play food set. My son got a play kitchen, and I was looking for some food that would hold up to his rough playing. This one is pretty good. The fact that the boxes of things are NOT cardboard was what had me. I was not going to waste money on cardboard boxes that would just get destroyed. The food itself is pretty good so far, too. It’s not super flimsy to where it’s easy to squeeze and crush. I think it will last a while.”

The Mommy Please toy food set is currently on sale for $23.97, over 40% off the regular retail price. Shipping on Amazon orders over $49 is always free. Mommy Please offers a satisfaction guarantee, and any customer not completely happy with their toy food set can return it for a full refund.

About Mommy Please: “Mommy Please has worked tirelessly to bring children a play set that will never cease to keep their imaginations going. We strive to ensure that happiness, education, and creativity are all incorporated into play time every single day. As a company that focuses on family values, Mommy Please intends to influence the lives of families around the world.”

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