Mommy Please Announces New Vision Statement For Top-Selling Play Food Set

Mommy Please announced today that a new vision statement is in development for their best-selling 125-piece play food set.

Mommy Please announced a new vision statement for their 125-piece play food set, which is now the #1 ranked play food set on The new vision statement is to encompass the new goals for the product and direction for the company.

The new vision statement states:

Increased Focus

Mommy Please has always focused time, efforts and knowledge on the production of play food for children. With the successful launch of the 125-piece play food set, Mommy Please will now have a more narrow focus on this particular food set. The in-depth attention to detail for this product means that more time and effort will be put into continued development and growth of this successful piece.

Increased Innovation

Mommy Please pushed the boundaries of innovation when creating their play food set. Using the best materials that were known to be safe for children, this continues to be a focus of the company. Additional funding, research, and development will be invested into improving design and material for the play food set.

Increased Movement

With decreased prices and increased marketing expense, Mommy Please hopes to improve the lives of children everywhere. The goal is to bring the idea of healthy eating, healthy homes and healthy hearts to everyone.


New goals for the Mommy Please play food set are to reach at least 50,000 new children, improving their knowledge of healthy food and healthy eating habits and to become the #1 best-selling play food set on

The Mommy Please 125-pice toy food set is sold exclusively on Over 350 satisfied customers have left reviews of the food set, with 97% of customers stating they like their toy food play set. The average customer satisfaction rating is 4.7 out of 5 stars. Over ten new five star reviews from verified purchases have been received this week. One reviewer wrote “My son has had this food for two weeks now and I am very satisfied. It is durable enough as it should be, especially for the price. Food kits like this usually come with easily ruinable cardboard cereal and other cardboard boxes but in this kit, they are plastic.”

For a limited time, the Mommy Please food set is on sale for $23.97, over 40% off the suggested retail price. Any order over $49 will ship for free, and all Amazon Prime members receive free 2-day shipping.

About Mommy Please: “Mommy Please desires nothing more than to bring education, prosperity, and (most of all) Health for children around the world. By providing an education tool known as the healthy organic play food set, Mommy Please is gearing its resources towards this single goals, hoping to touch the lives of children and parents around the world.”

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