Mommy Daddy Handbook San Diego FOX5 Parenting TV Show Partnership Announced

New Mommy Media, a media company creating various podcasts on parenting and child education, announced its collaboration with Fox5 San Diego. The two companies develop short educational segments that are featured on Fox5’s “Mommy Daddy Handbook”.

New Mommy Media, a media company specializing in parenting, education and child care, announced its partnership with Fox5 San Diego. The parenting media company provides recurring segments on “Mommy Daddy Handbook”, a child education TV segment airing Wednesday mornings on Fox5.

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Parenting is a challenging experience, especially for couples expecting their first child. Parenting shows can provide an accessible source of tips, ideas and best practices, especially if they are provided by pediatricians, experienced parents, child educators and other child care experts.

New Mommy Media was created by Sunny Gault, an accomplished mother, child educator and prominent media personality, to offer parents throughout the world access to a variety of educational and entertaining resources.

In order to promote healthy and responsible parenting, the San Diego company partnered with Fox5 to create short informative segments featured in the popular “Mommy Daddy Handbook”, the Wednesday morning show dedicated to new and expecting parents.

The New Mommy Media segments are periodically featured on Fox5 San Diego, with previous episodes covering a wide range of topics.

The latest episode offers a brief overview of the importance of STREAM education for young children, and how certain toys can integrate various aspects of this comprehensive educational philosophy.

Previous episodes cover topics such as playground etiquette, basic disaster preparation, summer must-have items and many others. Each episode offers easy-to-follow, actionable tips that parents can integrate effortlessly in their daily activities.

“Before having my first child, I’ve never touched a diaper in my life. I know becoming a parent is a huge challenge, and New Mommy Media is meant to give parents plenty of fun and educational resources to help them along the way.” said Ms. Gault. “Our partnership with Fox5 is a wonderful experience, and I’m extremely grateful for the chance to work with these amazing professionals.”

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