Mold Inspection, Property Restoration Leader Retools with New Website

An established Miami mold removal company has launched a new website aimed at expanding its client base and making it easier for customers across the Eastern U.S. to find them, review their excellent work and schedule a free estimate.

We recognized that a majority of mold-removal companies put their focus on fixing people’s properties, but their websites to market to customers are often in need of dire repairs as well, either because they are boring, ugly, outdated or just not user friendly,” said Mr. Mold Be Gone website creator Drew Doggett.

Doggett, a website marketing specialist who owns Phoenix-based Bling Cake Consulting, works closely with business owners across the country to help them build customized websites that help separate them from the competition.

“If you do a simple Google search for the competition, it’s obvious that most mold-removal and property-restoration companies are out of their element online. The sites are either outdated or so basic, that no savvy web user would likely stick around long enough to gain value from it,” Doggett added.

His handiwork can be found on:

Doggett said in 2016 with such fierce competition — especially in the property restoration business — it’s crucial for companies to have a strong online presence to market to potential new customers who likely perform most of their research via the Internet and prefer to conduct business electronically.

“With so much hanging on your online presence, you need to ensure that your website stands out with strong SEO and that it also effectively and efficiently tells your story on how you can help your customers and add value — or at a minimum, contact you quickly for the next step,” he added.

Doggett said with the website launching, he expected Mr. Mold Be Gone’s number of removal and restoration projects to double in the first 90 days.

He knows his small-business clients took a major risk getting into business in the first place, and Doggett seeks to devote the same amount of passion and energy in marketing websites to help them get to the next level.

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