Mojo Global Deal crosses the Atlantic: Bonanza for British Companies

Mojo Global's famed Done For You B2B Lead Generation comes to the UK via Missy Roxborough's boutique digital agency RealisedPotential UK. Giveaways, Prizes & Specials Dec 2018 through end Jan 2019

Multi award winning team Corey Sanchez and Ira Rosen, whose aptly named Mojo Global’s famed Done For You B2B Lead Generation Service is raved over by Forbes, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, and the like, are now partnering with small British digital agencies to bring laser targeted B2B leads to UK wholesalers and suppliers.

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As part of the launch, the identical Done For You B2B Lead Generation services in hot demand right across the USA will be available from today onwards – through partner agencies only – at less than half the Mojo price. And Santa has still more goodies in his sack – for the rest of December the service is provided as an early Christmas Gift – no charge. That includes a giveaway of the $2,500 set up.

“It’s crazy” says Certified Consultant Missy Roxborough of partnering agency Realised Potential UK. “Our customers will be getting stunning Mojo fulfillment from the identical team who provide the USA Mojo service. There’s no difference except our name on the letterhead, and yet British businesses can clean up with this cut price deal.”

“These giveaways and cut prices are only for the launch period” warns the agency’s accountant Quentin Hardy. But Missy swears that customers coming on board with her will not only get the giveaways, they will also be guaranteed the same deal throughout the length of their Done For You B2B Lead Generation contract. “Which could be years” she laughs “because who would willingly give up a predictable daily stream of laser targeted prospects actively seeking out what you want to sell? It sure beats Cold Calling.”

Scarcely surprisingly, from the moment she added the Done For You B2B Lead Generation service to her LinkedIn profile a few hours ago, Missy has been approached by no fewer than 3 eager entrepreneurs and an “intelligent device” product manufacturer. That’s with Zero promotion – not even a Shout Out to her customers and connections – pretty graphically illustrating the advantages of LinkedIn as a place to find targeted prospects. So if you’re not already one of Missy’s thousands of connections, don’t get left at the starting gate. Connect with her now to get your piece of the pie.

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